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Bâsilicum - History
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Oftentimes at this place of a homepage, where the history and the development of a group is supposed to be summarized, it is getting very much detailed and especially tedious. Our proposition therefore: Get yourself something to drink and a bite to eat, because we also won’t manage it differently!  


Let’s begin at the ending of the 1990s. At that time a small handful of Basel carnival drummers had to observe, that a request existed of performing the art of drumming existed. After various smaller performances the question appeared, which name this promising new group would have. Therefore, the members decided to name themselves «Bâsilicum» and the new group was officially founded on Basler Fasnachts Tuesday in 2000.


Now you are certainly asking yourself, why «Bâsilicum» and why in this curious spelling. Well, looking at the spelling in more detail, one can surely discover that the word consists actually of two words, namely the French name of the city Basel (which is Bâle) and the Latin term of the world famous and popular spice Basil (Basilicum).